Crazy Hairstyles

Crazy hairstyles are very trendy and fashionable hairstyles. Hairstyles are known to be powerful elements of any person’s personality. Hairstyles have the power of making or breaking anyone. An important example that we would like to quote over here is of Jennifer Aniston. Her shag hairstyle got popular during the series Friends and was known as Racheal Hairstyle back then. This hairstyle helped her climb the stairs of success. You can play around with your hairstyles adding some crazy touches to it by doing so you are able to personalize your hairstyle. Sometimes the crazy touch you give to your styles suits your personality and facial features making your hairstyle a complete hit or vice versa a disaster can happen.


Hairstyles can help to add some powerful attributes to your personality. Since the old times hairstyles of different types have been popular among the people belonging to both sex. During beginning of the century we witnessed modest styles whereas later during the 70 to 90’s there were drastic changes in the hairstyles and the hairstyling techniques for example hair dyes, punk styles and even spikes were introduced. During this century the term hairstyling has a different and improved meaning. Teenagers are the source of some of the crazy hairstyles like the shape of animals is created with the hair, horns are created and sometimes braids are decorated with some different colored beads and accessories.


Crazy hairstyles have been in trend during every era. Many people love to acquire hairstyles of their favorite celebrity as celebrities are considered to be fashion icons. They come up with different crazy hairstyling ideas and become the center of attraction and source of inspiration. Many celebrities are sported supporting short crops and some other bold hairstyles.


The 80’s was known as the era that focused on simple fashion trends and also some great styling techniques which were fun. One popular hairstyle was known as side pony. In this hairstyle the crunches used to be big for the high ponytails. Straight hair was not in trend in the 80’s. These hairstyles were usually sported with some baggy dresses accessories like big earring and fitted jeans back then.


One more important hairstyle was known as the perm. Hairstyles belonging to this era were the best hairstyles so far. Perm was commonly witnessed in the 80’s. Even the male celebrities had permed hair. Perm was acquired from the expert hair stylists. Back then it was a common practice that men and women with straight and silky hair got their hair permed. This style required lot of hair conditioning as this treatment damages the hair. Another style that was popular was the bang hair style and it was considered that bigger the bangs the more glamorous they appear. One more style of 80’s was crimpling the hair. All the hair was braided overnight and sleeping with the braids gave crimpling effect. This style gave a beautiful look.

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