Hippie Hairstyles

Hippie hairstyles are one of the vintage fashions that are being highly adopted now days. While discussing any term or trends of fashion we come to see that revival of old trends in present age is a common practice. If we take fashion followers and or people who adopt fashion trends, we see almost 100:100 ratios is highly concerned with latest fashion trends and want to look up to date. It is not only about girls or women but fashion is something that urged many people to get fond of. Fashion is something that shows its effects on whole body and personality of any person. Starting from hairstyle to the foot wear, everything, style or accessories used are applied according to latest fashions.


Hippie hairstyles can be categorized as most comfortable and easy to carry. Girls and boys both can enjoy these hairstyles. Especially girls who want to adopt hassle and styling free hairstyle along stylish and glamorous look can select any dynamic hairstyle from wide range of hippie hairstyles. These are hairstyles that were previously adopted by rock stars and music lovers. If you belong to musical field then these hairstyles are best for you.


Length of hair for these hairstyles doesn’t matter at all. Girls with having any hair length can have these hairstyles. Front band that placed on forehead is the main and most important component of hippie hairstyles. Very often braid of back hair is used as front band, but if anyone has short hair length then she can place band of net, beats or velvet stuff. Mostly black or dark toned colors are used for front band, but presently pink, pale yellow and sky blue colors are also used for this purpose. These hairstyles can be done with golden and light colored hair colors.


If you have light golden or yellow colored hair then dark colored band must be used for front forehead band. This is a US based hairstyle which was launched in early 70’s. Trend of dyeing hair in different colors was not happed at that time. People use to do hairstyling and variations with their natural hair color and texture. As this move was very common, women mostly have light toned hair. Even the male rock stars and hippies also grow their hair lengths to have hippie hairstyles. This hairstyle was directly referred to same type of people; commonly known as hippies, but now days this hippie trend can be done for a single occasion, or for longer duration.


Teenage and medium aged girls can adopt hippie hairstyles easily, especially if anyone belongs to outside professional field. Open free hair having any type of texture with a braid band on forehead gives to complete hippie hairstyle. Straight or bell bottom jeans with short or medium T-shirt tops and any of hippie hairstyles can gives you a complete, easy to mange and easy to carry glamorous look.

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