Incredibly Stylish Pixie Haircuts 2018

The pixies hairstyles are most stylish and are trending these days. There are various styles in pixie so before going to pixie choose the best pixie hairstyle according to your face structure and hair type. Consult and discuss the cut with stylist before going through it.



Aqua Pixie
The aqua pixie inspired hairstyle has soft and hard finishing edges which make the style feminine and more stylish. This short pixie cut is easy and effortless that does not require much time. The sides and back are shaved and the front and crown had longer hair.

How to get the style:
1. Apply hair gel on damp hair.
2. Grab a hair brush and comb hair straight forward.
3. Try to keep the fall natural with adjusting it with finger tips.

Additional information:
This hairstyle is ideal for blondes with all face structure. Medium to thick hair in density work great on this pixie hairstyle. To keep the side clean you need to visit your stylish after every two days.


‘It Girl’ Pixie
The girl’s pixie has the front and side longer while the back has shorter layers. The side length is not equal, some of the layers falls around the ear while some above it.

How to get the style:
1. Apply hair mousse on damp hair.
2. Blow dry hair using styling brush.
3. Create a side part.
4. Use fingers to adjust hair.try to keep it natural.

Additional information:
This hairstyle works on women with oval and round face structure. Fine to medium hair works well for this hairstyle.


Caramel Disconnected Pixie
This trending hairstyle has dark chocolate base and caramel shaded strands. The hair is kept straight toward the face which is perfect for face framing. The front has bit longer hair, the sides are shorter and the back is layered and short.


Caramel disconnected pixie haircuts 2018

How to get the style:
1. Apply hair mousse on damp hair.
2. Blow dry using a styling brush.
3. Run a comb through the strands and keep them forward toward the face from the crown.
4. Apply holding spray.

Additional information:
This pixie hairstyle works on round, oval, heart or square face shapes. Medium tot hick hair in density works well for this hairstyle.


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