Man Bun Hairstyles for Spring 2018

The bun is twisted or circled of hair. It can be worn high on the head, low towards the neck or some place in the middle. There isn't only limited bun however a scope of approaches to style the look. For something other than what's expected, include an undercut, low fade or shaved sides for 2018 you can follow celebrity man buns and try a lots of different man bun styles.




1. Jared Leto Man Bun
The celebrity man buns, Jared Leto's has accumulated most of people’s consideration. He worn the look to numerous award ceremonies combined with a whiskers. This polished version is slick from the front, has volume in the bun and abandons some hair free.


2. Leonardo DiCaprio Man Bun
Leonardo DiCaprio has grasped the man bun at each hair length. With simply button length locks hair can be maneuvered again into a little bun. This works best and better with an undercut. The celebrity has quite enough length to overlay over hair into a bun. You can utilize item to smooth hair back at the front for this formal look.


3. Jason Momoa Man Bun
Normally observed with a long braid on Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa frequently wears a man bun in reality.


4. Avan Jogia
The man bun is a truly flexible long men's hairdo that can be easygoing or formal and worn anyplace from the exercise center to a wedding. Obviously, the styling varies along the way. This messy look seen Avan Jogia is ultra-cool and fills in too with his wavy hair as it does with straight bolts.


5. Man Bun plus Shaved Sides
You can achieve by adding an undercut or fade to long hair is top trend this year. You can add a bun to the blend highlights this cool mix.


Man bun plus shaved sides


6. Man Bun and Beard
This hairstyle blend is the man bun and facial hair. If you can grow that you can develop all that hair let it all out.


7. Man Bun Undercut plus Hair Design
An undercut with long hair regularly shaves hair down low however can go up high also. This cool style highlights an undercut with geometric hair design up to the ears and full hair pulled into a high bun up top.

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