New Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Faces

New hairstyles for heart-shaped faces


are versatile, elegant and full of charm. The heart shape face has the face wider at the forehead while narrower at the jaw. There is lots of hairstyle but people style and adopt new hairstyle according to their face structure. Given below are few hairstyles, which will make heart face structure more stunning and gorgeous.


New hairstyles for heart-shaped facesLoose waves


The hairstyle has beautiful waves with centre part, which make the look more attractive. Those who have low and wide forehead works well with the centre part. To get the hairstyle, start with damp hair.dry out using a round brush. Apply a heat protection and heat up the barrel iron.


Create curls on the lower hair or curls should start from the level of shoulder. Keep the crown section straight. Use fingers and large toothcomb to adjust the waves and make them loose.The hairstyle needs medium to thick hair in volume to result better. Bangs will not work with the style.


Funky cut

The funky cut is the favorite cut for short hair lover. The hairstyle has hair at level of chin with a side part and some backcombing at the crown section. To get the hairstyle, start with blow drying wet hair. Apply a heat protection to entire hair. Heat up a flat iron and run on entire hair. Create a side part just above eye.


Make some backcombing at the crown section.The hairstyle works well on heart shape face as it makes the face look more beautiful. Fine hair can also work on the style.


Vintage curls


Women with heart shape structure will rock on this hairstyle at any occasion. To get the hairstyle, begin with applying a styling cream on wet hair. Blow-dry using a round brush. Apply a heat protection product. Take sections and create curls on it. Use bobby pins or other accessory if required.


Create a side part and keep the hair away from the face.Heart face shape rocks on vintage curls. Medium to thick hair works on the style. You can use a roller instead of a curling iron if already have curly hair.


Vintage curlsBlunt wavy bob


Blunt wavy bob is one of the best hairstyle for short hair lover with heart face structure. It has large waves, which make your hair look thicker and bouncy. To achieve the style, start with applying any preferred styling cream.dry out using a round brush. Use roller or curling iron to get the waves. Use your fingers to adjust the waves. Centre part as well as deep side part works well on.


The hairstyle can be adopted by other face structure also but rocks on heart face shape. Bangs will not go well with this style. Deep side part with long fringe rocks on the style but can also create centre part as it suits on heart face structure.Blunt wavy bob

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