New Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

New wedding hairstyles for long hair


would make you rock on your special day. The wedding day activities and style are preplanned. Here we will discuss different new wedding hairstyle, which will help you look more stunning and amazing on your big day. First decide your dress and accessories then decide your hairstyle.


1: Glamorous Sleek Downdo


Most of the women decide their wedding hairstyle from the fashion weeks and ramps. Those who have long hair can do the glamorous sleek down dohair. To achieve the style, start with applying styling cream on wet hair.dry out and apply styling wax or gel. Comb the hair and pull the entire to the back. Now twist the length of the hair and secure with elastic. Take a piece of hair and wrap it around the twisted length. Backcombing may be required at the crown section.Women with oval and heart face shape can adopt the hairstyle. Medium to thick hair works with the style.Glamorous Sleek Downdo


2. Angelic Glossy Waves


The cute angelic glossy wave is always the favorite of all brides. The hairstyle gives natural and stunning look. It has simple waves which makes your big day more beautiful. To achieve the style, start with drying out hair using a round brush. Apply heat protection product to hair. Use a barrel iron and create waves on the lower section of hair. Use your fingers and adjust the waves. Make the waves loose, which will give you natural look.This hairstyle works on around and square face shape. Medium to thick hair can rock on the hairstyle. Keep the hair behind the ear from one side; it will make your earring and dress more prominent.


3. Hollywood Classics Inspiration for Glazed Curls

The bride wants to look more beautiful and attractive on their wedding day. This is a very beautiful hairstyle, which makes you shine. To get the hairstyle, start with applying a heat protection product on hair. Use a heated curling iron. Create curls on entire hair. Use of wax or gel will help hold the curls in a more proper way. Create curl towards the face because it helps in face framing. Bang and without bang hair can adopt this hairstyle. The hairstyle can be adopted by all face shape. Hair that is equal to the length of shoulder or longer can result better.

4. Simple Side Wavy Downdo


Another most trending hairstyle is simple side wavy down do. Carrying curls on long and medium hair is a great choice for every event. To carry this hairstyle on wedding day, begin with drying out wet hair using a round brush. Create a deep side part and take small piece of hair and create curl using a curling iron. Repeat until curls are created on entire hair. Use fingers to adjust the hair. Keep the length at one side in the front shoulder.The hairstyle rocks on all face shape.


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