New York Fashion Spring Hair Trends 2014

Whenever the new fashion fall nears in; hairstyles are some of the most looked up fashion trends because they are incessantly in use for exhibiting a good impression at all hours. The latest fashion shows and events have already set to task of serving out the hot looks which are to mark their impressions in the spring hair trends 2014 for women. However; after a good comparative analysis of the current and upcoming trends, one thing is for sure that though the new trends will definitely run in vogue yet the classic glamorous and modern ferocity found in the current hairstyles has an edge of appeal than the upcoming ones. Whether you like the change or not; a handful of the some of the spring hair trends 2014 have been selected and discussed.


• Uneven short hairstyles such as the undercut, pixie cut and the choppy short styles continue to remain the most prominent modern hairstyles for women with an open discretion of colored impressions to suit the age and event.


• Tight Sleek high ponytails offering extra neat impression will be some of the smartest styles to carry for the young females. Perfect for office going ladies and colleges; you can carry a tinge of textured looks for an extra cool look with outfits such as frocks, short dresses and suits.


• The wet look will rule as one of the top fashion looks in hair-styling and will have the demand of gel and spray products to have catchy looks with some of the wavy, messy and loose hairstyles. Not that the hairstyles will be neatly tied up but will carry the wet look on medium and short length wavy and curly styles that will have a pulled back or center parted look with the back hair being dry and untied to flaunt the creative look of curls and waves. This trend will indeed be a hassle free way to set the hair but will not be much impressive for formal looks.


• Wavy hair texture is another fabulous spring look that will be a definite charmer in hairstyles. Already it has a lot of popularity in the latest fashion trends with so many textured traits adding to its grace. So for those who already have the wavy look; they can keep it going that way in the next spring hair trends 2014.


• Braided crown styles just like the current hair trends will continue to be some of the best styles in vogue. Carrying the braided look in the high and low buns and updo’s in light hair shades are the most emphasized looks of the braided spring hair trends 2014.


• Loose low ponytails in the wavy texture and light hair shades are some other very dominating styles of the coming New Year. The inclination of the use of hair accessories such as clips and floral beads will accompany these loose styles.

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