Prettiest Center Parted for Spring 2018


Most of the women adopt their hairstyle according to their face shape, the centre part is meant for women who have round and square face shape.




Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Short wavy hairstyle is the easiest and simple hairstyle which adds too much favor to your look without any effort. To get the hairstyle:
Begin with applying a moisturizer to wet hair.
Divide your hair and create a centre part.
Blow dry hair using your fingers.
Apply gel or wax on the tips of the hair.
Apply a holding spray at the end.



Long Straight Hairstyle

The length is carried at the shoulders in this hairstyle. It has soft and smooth layers which are styled around the face. It is easy to carry and effortless to carry. To get the hairstyle:
Begin with applying moisturizer to wet hair.
Create a centre part using the edge of comb or fingers.
Dry out using the tips of fingers.
Apply a shining product to make the hair more attractive.



Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Carrying a centre part may be toosimple, Adding curls and waves makes the hairstyle more attractive. In the medium wavy hairstyle as the name says have smooth waves from half of the length to the edges. The hairstyle can be carried causal and for special event also. To get the hairstyle:
Begin with applying a styling cream on damp hair.
Dry out using the finger tips.
Heat up a curling iron.
Take section and start creating curls on lower length of hair.
Apply holding spray at the end.


medium wavy hairstyles spring ideas 2018

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