Sew in Hairstyles

Sew in hairstyles are known as the complex black hairstyles that have been in the black culture for a long time now. Sew in hairstyles and hair extensions go hand in hand so before explaining sew in hairstyles we need to know what hair extensions are and what the relationship of both hairstyles is. This article will explain sew in hairstyles in detail.


Many people are already aware of the hair extension as they have either heard of it or even tried it at some point in their lives. Hair extensions have been popular in the recent times with more and more women going for them. Many celebrities like Miley Cyrus have been sporting the hair extensions as well. These extensions give people lot of styling options that too using the fast track way if they have short length hair. These extensions are used for adding thickness creating volume to any type of hair. Now you can achieve the hair and the hairstyle that you have always wanted.


The hair extensions are applied to hair using many different ways. These ways include either gluing the extension or braiding the extensions in the hair. All these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will discuss another way of applying the hair extensions that is by sewing the extensions in the hair.


Sew in hairstyles can be achieved by any experienced hairstylist. This method is called track and sew method and depends on braiding of the hair. These braids can be in any shape. These can be straight, vertical or even horizontal. Before applying the extension in the hair the cornrow braids are created in the natural hair. These braids are very beautiful on their own as well and known as popular braids.


Once extensions are applied brand new world of different styling possibilities opens up for you. Any hair style can be created after the extension is applied. You can enjoy all the hairstyles of the long hair. If your hair extensions are synthetic you should be careful not to apply any heat to the extensions. In case of natural extensions there is no such problem. Be innovative and create any style that your heart desires.


This is easy but time consuming process at the same time as requires lot of effort and time to create all the braids. Once all the braids are created the stylist will start the process of sewing in hair extensions in your hair with the outmost care and precision. You should only go to experienced stylist for getting this style done. A lot of patience and time is required for creating these styles.


After getting Sew in hairstyles done the hard part will be maintaining your style and following the care instructions. You should go easy on the hair while washing them as if the extensions some off your style will be ruined. Follow all the care instructions provided for the stylist.

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