Shag Hairstyles

Shag hairstyles are known to be styles that don’t require much maintenance. These styles have many characteristics that distinguish these styles from the rest including lot of layers in the crown area, chopped ends and great texture. This hairstyle provides the complete package in order words.


This style can be achieved for most of the hair length and hair textures. One disadvantage of this hairstyle is that it has many layers and might seem outdated after some time. This style gained lot of popularity in the 90’s when the famous series Friends was telecasted. Jennifer Aniston gained lot of popularity because of this haircut. Women called this as Rachel haircut that was her character’s name in Friends. This haircut can also be used as an example of how people tend to follow celebrities. During the 90’s women were crazy about the Racheal cut and everyone wanted to get this style done. This shows the power of a haircut that suits you. This style got Jennifer all the fame she was thriving for.


These styles do not require any extensive maintenance as these are also known as care free styles. While sporting shag you can get away with a messy look that too in style. Shags include many layers but the arrangement of the layers might vary depending from person to person and different hair lengths.

The outer layer starting from crown region of the head is known to be longest layer. This layer provides neat finish to the style. There are shags for curly and wavy hair as well. But the shag styles for the curly hair tend to tangle and are very difficult to manage.


All the shag styles can be modified according to the personal requirement and preferences thus bringing out individuality of a person in the true sense. This style can be enjoyed by any age group from the teens to the mature women. You can always play around with this style by changing the color of the hair tips, adding some highlights of different colors. This style can be used to add a personal touch to the hairstyle. You can always add different accessories to you hairstyle.


The most important thing to consider while choosing the style is the hair length. If you have short length hair then it will be difficult and long process to grow your hair if you do not like the haircut. If the hair length is long it is easy to cut off your hair if the style does not suit you. Other important things to keep in mind are hair texture and face shape.


Shag hairstyles do not suit people having fine hair as hair can tangle even if the layers are designed with utmost care. These styles need to be trimmed after around 8 weeks. If you use the hair conditioner this will help prevent the hair getting tangled you can also use hair spray to get the desired results.

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