Stylish Blonde Color Designs You Will Want to Rock Immediately

If you are thinking to go blonde then here are the blonde color design ideas that will help you in going blonde.


Beachy Wave
The beachy waves are one of the hottest hairstyles for blonde and it is not going anywhere so try this look this season and rock. The hairstyle is simple and effortless which does not require much product and equipment.

How to get the Style:
1. Prep wet damp hair with hair mousse or sea salt spray.
2. Divide your hair into small sections and create braids. More the braids will be more waves will you get.
3. Open the braided sections after it dries.
4. Just run your fingers through the hair and you are ready to rock.
Women with all face structure can carry this style. Naturally blonde hair that is medium to thick works well on this hairstyle.



Curly Dark Blonde
Curls work wells on blonde hair as it helps in getting more volume and shades. This hairstyle is simple and effortless.
A great way to add some volume to your long blonde hairstyle is by adding some serious curls

curly dark blonde hairstyles 2018


How to get the Style:
1. Apply styling cream to damp hair.
2. Blow dry using a paddle brush.
3. Heat up a curling iron and create curls.
4. Run your fingers through the hair.
5. Apply holding spray.
This hairstyle works on oval, round and square face structure.


Sleek & Straight
Carrying a straight and sleek hair is the best way to show off your blonde hair. This hairstyle does not require much time and can easily be done at home.
How to get the Style:
1. Apply styling cream on wet hair.
2. Blow dry using a styling cream.
3. Apply a heat protection product on hair.
4. Divide your hair into a deep center part.
5. Heat up a flat iron and run it through the hair.
6. Apply a holding spray at the end.
This hairstyle works on women with round, oval and square face structure. Blonde hair gets more shine in this hairstyle.

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