Emo hairstyles for medium hair

If love to express your individuality in the most rebellious and unique way in hair-styling, then the Emo hairstyles are the best ways to do just that. Having a very vibrant use of colors, the trend is a famous and artistic way of having looks which are groovy and well complement getup such as the hip hop fashion. These are hairstyles which tend to have absurd and fierce makeup as a part and parcel of the complete package of the emo hairstyles; it surely is a good thing for those who love to make makeup blunders. Carrying the emo look in the medium length is the best way to have a well trimmed and catchy image that is more youthful and very appealing for the teenagers to not only manage but also to be trendy and cool no matter where they go. The medium length styles are also a cool option for the boys; who nowadays are really demanding longer hair lengths of a better and cool image.


Most of the emphasis in the makeup for an emo look is to have dramatic emphasis of the eye makeup with the use of a lot of dark eye liners and mascaras. The most striking featuring that differentiates these Emo hairstyles for others is the straight look of the hair and multi colored shades in the most highlighted shades and absurd combinations. It is also has the layers cutting as some f the very dominant looks that tend to give the hairstyles a touch of fierceness and instant feature of attention. However, the layered cutting of these hairstyles is somewhat different from the commonly seen hairstyles of the layered look ; with the difference being that while having the emo look, the hair are cut into short layers from the very tops to give an extra and more dramatic look to the top of the hair and tend thin down into pointy finishing. In medium length the padded look is even more but the latest trend of the sleek texture tends to give an apparent depth that falls down with weight in a very neat and glamorous manner.


Emo hairstyles have been really expressive in some of the looks that have been seen to be carried by youngsters. For some of the decent looks of the mo hairstyles which you can carry to formal events and places as well; while retaining your unique taste in fashion are the streaked emo hairstyles which tend to make use of restricted number of hair shades in complementing colors such as the double shades of blonde. A single shade can also be found as one of the decent ways to carry the emo hairstyles; however, these colors tend to remain trendy yet bright, such as the white blonde, bleached, brown, blue and red. for a very fabulous and strong fierce look with a single color, the black emo hairstyles are some of the most appealing and attention drawing styles which complement fir complexion. For the more acknowledged looks, the raccoon dying styles, dip dying, animal designs with colors.

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