Cool Braided Hairstyles

Braids always look cool on any hair type and it is one of the beautiful hairstyles women go for as it adds grace and beauty to the hair. Women also prefer braided hairstyles because it is easy to do and doesn’t need much maintenance. There are different types of braided hairstyles like the French braid, the fishtail braids, the basket weave braids, the Dutch braids and there are many more types of braids worn by women. The braids need some time but once it is done it will last for many hours. Braids give a feminine look to a woman that is why it is liked by most women.


Cool braided hairstyles 2014 are simple as well as complicated. Some braids take few minutes while others take hours but all of them look cute and cool on women. Cool braided hairstyles are mostly adopted for the special events like the wedding etc. The fishtail braid is one of the coolest and simplest amongst the braided hairstyles. It is easy to make and also looks trendy and fashionable and is worn by most of the women on different occasions. The loose braids on the long hair look beautiful and enhance the old look.


The crown braid worn around the head looks really cool on women. The basket weave is a criss-cross pattern and is worn across the head which gives a unique look to the individual. Side braids are also the simple braids which can be styled by anyone and it gives the hair a soft and cute look.


The French braid is also one of the coolest braided hairstyles 2014 and is worn by everyone. It is easy to make and takes less time so almost all women try it because it looks stylish and sexy. Braids are always innovative and creative; one can use their own mind in creating them and styling them in different ways. The braided hairstyles give an artistic look to the hair. The hair is woven and tangled in different ways and a new design is created. Anyone can twist and weave it according to her own taste and ideas. The hair can be weaved into small braids or the whole hair can be weaved into one big braid.


The braided up do hairstyles are also one of the coolest hairstyles which the girls mostly try on and it gives them a bold and attractive appearance. In such hairstyles a few plaits or French braids are tied up on top on the head which enhances the face features and gives a gorgeous look. There are also many other ways to braid the hair, some braid the front hair and finish it into a bun which looks very cool. Such braided up do hairstyles can be worn on formal as well as casual occasions.

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