Hottest Short Hairstyles 2014 for Women

Short Hairstyles 2014 are having a moment. We can now easily say that gone are the times when the long hair ruled most of the red carpets now it will be a true statement to say that it is all about the chic bobs, some cool crops if you like quiff then go for some bold quiff and also the mid-length hairdo’s best worn by Alexa Chung. The summer is just perfect time for reinventing the hair. The trip to the hairdressers got easier with our round-up of best short hairdos on beauty block.


As proved by coolest women in Hollywood just ditching longer locks is classy and somewhat undeniably stylish way for updating your look. It is also good excuse to get rid of any of the split ends that you have been harboring.


Short Hairstyles 2014 for women have just always been in trend. Just choosing some best short styles according to the hair color and the personality is a big challenge. But the challenge seems to just get more attention while choosing the short hairstyles for you because the short hair styles completely transform the look and also the personality.


These days’women show tendencies towards just adapting some unique and short hairstyles. Below we have shared a list of Short Hairstyles 2014 you can choose any of the hairstyles according to your priority.


1.RAZORED EDGE Short pixie hairstyles
Brush the bangs towards the side using your fingers and make them rough by blow dry. Just make sure to create slightly rough look while you just blow dry them. Then use favorite wax for pinching the ends of the bangs to create pointed look. These RAZORED EDGE styles look perfect on the Heart shaped faces.


2.Short bob hairstyles 2014
Bob haircuts are very much on trend during this year. You can just pick up any style of the bob cut as it has many variations. There are many other short hair style variations. Short bob styles just never get out of style the celebrities like Jennifer Aniston are just using them. The Bob hairstyles fit every type of the face shape. The Long bob just remains suitable for the round faces.


3.Short punk hairstyles
Punk hairstyles are the best choice if you want to achieve unique look in the crowd. This style can also be easily spotted in people who like the rock music. This hairstyle has lot of variety but you must consider face shape while just adapting it.


4.Funky short hairstyles
Funky short styles come with some of the odd patterns but using of the shades like some red, blonde or brown gives them somewhat decent look. The short razor funky hairstyles are fascinating and also glamorous styles.


5.Jennifer Lawrence Short Hairstyles
Jennifer Lawrence is one astonishing Hollywood celebrity and got lot of the popularity due to thetwo recent movie sequels of The Hunger Games. She adapted short style recently on brown hair and also got positive response from the fan following.


6.Emma Watson Chic Retro Bob Hairstyle
Emma Watson said good bye to the long hair and gave try to the Chic Retro Bob style and looked awesome.
We hope that the above round up of the Short Hairstyles 2014 provides an extensive guide for choosing the right short hairstyle this 2014.


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