Short Straight Hairstyles

The trend of short hair has really been a popular trend in hair fashion which has provided women with an edgy, smart and modern look. The Short straight hairstyles are some of the very glamorous styles which have simplicity and charm exhibiting their best possible looks with the latest hair trends that have added so much richness and appeal into their look. They not only offer a cute and gorgeous image through the short length but also tend to be highly convenient for the working and outgoing ladies for whom frequent management can be a great hassle.


Short straight hairstyles which are running hot in hair fashion have cutting approaches and color enrichment as their most influential and distinctive features which have provided them the fabulous look they are renowned for. Some of the best and trendy Short straight hairstyles for women are mentioned below.


• The short choppy sleek layers are latest looks in the layers cutting which are the modern versions for those seeking a change. The uneven hair lengths tend to give the cut a unique look whose beauty is exhibited to the extreme in the light blonde shades.


• The straight pixie cut is yet another very short but ultra modern hairstyle which has allured the hearts of millions of women. The sexy and bold look offered by these Short straight hairstyles is very appealing and fierce in outlook which bears more impact with the use of dark shades.


• The sleek bob hairstyles are evergreen styles that tends to win over millions of fans every year. The sleek texture suffices the criteria of grace and glamour and effortlessly stays styled up to give you a cute and charmed up look at all hours. Adding straight bangs and full fringes tend to extend the scope of style tampering to make this style offer you new look on daily basis.


• Stacked layers are another great style for women who want to flaunt the charm of the thickness of their hair. This style offers a mushroom-like padded look and flaunts even greater appeal when given the touch of streaks; that add creativity and depth to the style.


• Short angled cuts can certainly not go unheeded as they are some of the special highlights in the latest hair fashion. The angular look gives a slender look to the mane and graces up the look with its unique pointed finishing.


• Short straight hairstyles tapered with asymmetrical front extensions are also a fabulous lot of styles to consider. The use of rich dark shades tends to not only enliven the look but also makes the creativity of the cut more prominent.

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