Short Wavy Hairstyles

Short wavy hairstyles have been rocking the red carpets recently. These hairstyles are back in trend this time taking a beautiful dimension. Many of the celebrities have been seen sporting this romantic look. These styles are a breath of fresh year this season. It is always nice to break away from the monotony and go for something fresh and new.


Celebrities love to sport the short wavy hairstyles and create waves on the red carpets by their beautifully created waves. Not a single hair strand out of the place. That perfection and grace attracts the attention of many women around the world who want to achieve the same perfect waves without knowing how much background effort went into work. There is a big team of hair dressers that works for these celebrities. The most perfect wavy hairstyles are usually the most difficult to create. Many different products are used then the final result is the beautiful wavy hairstyle.


You can achieve the perfect waves easily if you have the right haircut. If your hair has too many layers your hair will look voluminous and somewhat hard to manage. The key to achieving perfect waves is getting the right hair cut that suits your face shape and hair texture. This is all that is required and you can get the beautiful perfect waves in just no time.


Managing and cutting naturally wavy hair is a hard task. As you won’t want neither a mushroom cut nor something that is hard to style and time consuming. Where the layers are placed in your hair is important as they can make or break your hairstyle. It’s just as simple as that.

While adding layers to the hairstyle the stylist should make sure not to cut the layers too short or even too long. Layers should be evenly spread throughout the hair giving it somewhat draped effect. The hair should be cut using the scissors. The razor should only be used for adding softness and giving definition the hair.


Women having hair below shoulder length can try the graduated layers with some bangs either sweeping or side angled bangs. The wave is automatically released giving the hair swing and movement.


A few face-framing pieces are also an option to keep the hair from crowding or even elongating your features. You can also go for face framing layers if you have a long face. Long and medium length hair is the best available options for the long layers. The perfect layers are known to be cut through the exterior and the interior of the hair thus framing the face.


 Wavy Short hairstyles 2014 are known as some elegant and popular styles that are loved by both men and women. The waves look perfect for the short hair making the hairstyles more appealing and fresh. These styles never go out of fashion making them timeless styles. You are lucky if you have naturally wavy hair.

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