Dos of Makeup Application

The basic aim of makeup application is to have enhanced beauty looks through the use of colorful cosmetic products that grace up your charm. So how about sticking to this objective only and avoid the makeup blunders which can give you quite the opposite of what you are in pursuit of. For women, the presence of guidelines is imperative as they have long hours of hot moments and events lined up where they have to rely on their own expertise through their own skills to look good because the option of expert help is not always in the financial budget nor a good option when on the rush.


Makeup application like other aspects of fashion has certain rule of practice that can assist even the non-professional people in simmering up confidence building looks through makeup usage. Focusing on some of the do’s of makeup application here are certain tips that may pay off well.


• Always lay prime focus on your most stunning facial features and make effort to make them the highlight of your appeal; for instance the eyes.


• Retain the balance of makeup application by using a matt tone for the eyes if the lips are glossy and lustrous and vice versa; otherwise too much emphasis on the same look on the lips and eyes tend to project an over-done attempt.


• always ensure that you buy quality products as they can guarantee long lasting and magical effects on the face; otherwise low quality products tend to cause smudgy looks on the slightest change in temperatures and on slight touching of anything.


• Let your moisturizer sink in deep in to the skin before you start applying makeup on the face for a better and more dried look. Otherwise the makeup might smudge up with the greasy moisturizer and can easily wipe off of slide down giving disastrous looks to the makeup and revealing what you had attempted to hide.


• Always use the tones of bases and foundations that complement your natural skin complexion as opting too much lighter or too much darker shades may contradict your overall looks that fail to be similar on the feet, neck and hands. For people with a dark skin tone, this handy tip of makeup application is very crucial to have the magic of cosmetic enhance their look; otherwise it may not be long before you end up as a laughing stock and element of amusement in gatherings.


• Focus on tricks that tend to hide the facial features that may be a hindrance to your good looks.


• Always flow along with the trending shades to remain in vogue.


• Avoid dramatic makeup looks and electrifying shades as they tend to be eccentric at formal parties and events.


Do’s of makeup application are the simple steps that help makeup blunders that are kept at arm’s length and facilitate looks that pay off the effort you have invested in yourself.

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