Doníts of Fashion with Short Dresses

The trend of short dresses is one of the most popular and modern look which women love to have for a hot and seductive look that is worth the sight. However, the ignorance towards developing a fashion taste is the basic factor that leads to fashion blunders with combinations of accessories and different outfits in the most absurd ways being a common sight. Haste makes waste and so always pay heed towards what you basically intend to simmer up in your personality. If you fail to think all that up; then there can be no other true reality than the mirror in your house which is there for a reason. Let bit be your perfect guide when you dress up so that you can rectify some of the ‘Don’ts of fashion combinations with short dresses. Some of the things that should really keep aloof from are listed below.


• The short dresses tend to offer a long and leggy look to flaunt the full slender look of the female physique and you certainly wouldn’t want this paramount charm to go down the drain with the biggest blunder of wearing flat shoe styles. This will give you a sunken down look and will certainly not complement or pay off the investment you have put in.


 Avoid wearing dull shades because they tend to be highly contradicting to the seductive and hot look which the short dresses tend to offer. Opt for sizzling and bight shades that tend to be another factor of attention apart from the shot length that draw attention your way.


• Short dresses are usually worn for formal needs such as dates, proms, homecoming and even weddings so let that charm of appeal stay intact and don’t let it be spoilt by a hairstyles that is tied up down low and casual . Let the heat in your personality be reflective through your hairstyles and opt for the ones that are as hot as your dress itself; such as the curly, updo, layered hairstyles etc.


• Avoid dramatic makeup which will give an exaggerated look of color in line with the vibrant shade of your short dresses. Maintain balance of color and contrasts of shades so that every feature of your personality speaks for itself.


 Avoid over-accessorizing with short dresses because that tends to cover up all that you have basically attempted to expose. A slight simple necklace, bracelet or earrings suffice the need for adornments so don’t go over-doing it in any way.


• Avoid wearing short light fabric jackets and tops with short dresses; like many women are seen. That really works the other way round is one of the biggest fashion blunders to wear outfits that offer contradictory looks.

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