Color Combinations for Men

Fashion is all about making the right choices and combinations for a look that is perfect in every way. Stuffing up the wardrobe with just anything is not the call of the hour; as a fashion appeal is great homework on chalking out combinations and selection of indefinite things to simmer up a gracefully trendy look. The magic of color can do great wonders in simmering looks that are lively, sober and cool and can be tampered around with to rule out shades for the innumerable types of functions that may arise. For men certain color combinations can be an absolute blast in molding even some of their most casual getups into something that is instantly eye-catching.


Turquoise and creamy white is one of the color combinations that is a very cool choice for teenagers and young adults as it tends to give a very fresh and light image to the personality. It is one of the best summer shades in men’s wear and should be a part and parcel of the wardrobe. Usually having a shirt in the turquoise shade and a white pant; is the greatest look of the two contrasting shades.


White and cobalt blue is again one of the most fabulous color combinations seen in the men’s fashion; especially in the causal wear of cobalt jeans and white shirts. It gives one of the evergreen looks to men and offers a fabulous look to the chic styles of boys.


Cherry red and gray are some of the best looks for young adults and those in the mid ages. It is a decent contrast of shade which has been put to good use since decades as a cool and trendy fashion practice. It gives a good look to the image in all seasons and is also a classy combination for high profile formal functions such as the weddings.

Beige and emerald is another unique and fresh combination of shades which tend to look great when it is used not only in the plain block color but also in the latest check shirts for men; which have good styles of these two colors in some very classy designs.


These color combinations for men are some of the best contrasts which cater to both formal wear casual wear in some very appealing ways. The array of light and dark tones of every one of these colors widens the scope of a diverse look. You can definitely tamper around with the shades; yet confining to the mentioned color combinations for men, carry a new look with every slight variation of color intensity.

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