10 Symptoms of Nervous Breakdown

Mental stress:
When you are under extreme pressure and you cannot focus properly you are bounded to seclude from the one you love to be with and go into loneliness. A major outburst is expected if you do not talk about the pressure that is being built inside of you. This will only lead you towards panic attacks and the fear and phobia will make its way through in your life, which will eventually make your day harder on you by every second that is going to pass. Over thinking over something will just worsen the non important matter that you have been taking seriously. It will be harder for you when under stress that you cannot fulfill a simple task that you often don’t have any problem dealing it with. Your mood will get fussy and you will become irritate which may results in outbursts of anger and rage.

You will notice that you cannot accomplish simple tasks that you would regularly have no problem with. Before having a nervous breakdown you will experience outburst of anger and you can get easily irritated.


Nervous breakdowns trigger alarm:
Just by walking a little farther will make you reach to a whole new destination same goes with your mind. You can easily take the example of a pressure cooker building up steam while it’s closed with a warning label that do not open or mess with it during that period. You are most likely to have a nervous breakdown when your mind is pushed and nudged beyond its limit.


Physical symptoms of a nervous breakdown:
The next symptom that we are going to tell that is a sign of your nervous breakdown is about your body showing multiple signs. Although body changements aren’t considered to be a part of this but if visible it may likely be you going into a nervous breakdown which by all means you should not neglect. Tensed and stiff muscles, lack of power and motivation along with low energy, irregular heartbeat or an upset stomach may likely show before your nervous breakdown. If these signs show along with your mental ability not properly functioning you are getting a nervous breakdown so please take precautionary measure before things go worse.


Another symptom of a nervous breakdown can be you stop socializing and preferring to be isolated from other especially your family and friends. Your mental stress can cause you to opt to be alone rather than be someone. To be isolated for a small period of time just to cope your mental stress is fine but if someone who has been isolated for a long duration definitely indicate that patient needs serious help.


Major symptom of a nervous breakdown is that the patient receives flashbacks of traumatic events that have occurred in the past with his/her life. It is very important that if you are facing these flashbacks you consult a health professional or a psychologist to help you aid into this matter because if you don’t this will trigger for you to have a nervous breakdown.


Thoughts of suicide:
To be blessed with life it is the most blissful feeling but for many people it has been very common of ending up their life and committing suicide. To be on the brink of suicide you need special care and you must at once go see someone and talk about the pressure you are under. But if you are questioning your thoughts whether to suicide means you are going under a lot of pressure and you need time to refocus and get back to your tracks. Your problems are nothing to be ashamed of as we all humans go through our share of pain, so being embarrassed to talk about it will be nothing but your loss which will make you commit suicide.


In certain types of under severe stress one may go under hallucinations. These hallucinations may be very well dangerous to the patient itself. There are cases where these hallucinations have been very harmful for the caregivers as well.


Lack of focus:
Another symptom of nervous breakdown is not being able to concentrate. Lack of focus and inability to work will lead you lazy and dull. This will also cause a negative impact on your sleep. Your daily simple tasks would become a burden to you. And your emotions will go weary and low.


Mood swings:
Mood swings may be another symptom of nervous breakdown. To have unexplained outbursts may be an indication towards a crisis. Mood swings can be handled if you let yourself not getting overstress and take time out for yourself. You do not need to be distracted and be under pressure from your work or family matters. Take some time out for yourself and calm those mood swings.


Panic Attacks:
With the arrival of severe depression, over stressing about everything and coping with the signs of anxiety you will be bound to have panic attacks during this nervous breakdown moment. The major common symptoms of panic attacks may be high blood pressure, inability to breathe, pounding chest ache, phobia of someone stalking you and going out in public, the delusion of reality and non reality and self isolation. These signs are very much dangerous and harmful and a person may lose his mind for sure. Some other panic attack issues that may lead to nervous breakdown may be worrying a bit tad too much, the dear of you being unable to handle and take care of someone’s feeling, the feeling of you being choked and wanting to run away from every situation that comes across you.


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