4 Kinds of books children should own

4 Kinds of books should own lies in the following categories:


The first kind of books that every child should own is “Poetry”. Poetry may not be influential amongst many of the adults as they do not enjoy the pleasure of reading it but let us not make you forget and emphasize of how poetry should be read and given to read to children in order to know poetry’s great power upon them. Poetry may be mirrored as a Lamborghini if so to make it much clearer of how its language is for the audience and trust us everyone wants to buy a “Lamborghini”. Poetry is so vast that poets like Dr. Seuss make the children learn if ordered correctly of how it makes sense with un ending deep emotions that range in no boundaries and cannot be measured in depth/length which is adored by the children.


Blank books:

The second kind of book every child should own is a simple pure blank book. You can gift it to your child as a special magical gift to your child or someone else child’s inviting them to write what they fantasize and what they want to write. This will boost up the child’s confidence that he/she is a s great as the author whose books are read to him/her. All they need to do is believe that you believe in them as much as they want to believe in themselves. This will let freedom of expression escape their tiny minds onto a vast blankness of notes that she/he can keep filling. And it doesn’t have to make sense at all after all it’s their imagination. The connection of her/he binding with their blank notebook is going to prove that their connection is not only unbreakable but also how much their stories mean so much to them.


Fantasy/mythology books:

The third kind of book a child should own and have it whenever he/she takes the will to read is related to nonfiction (mythology) books. Our world is known to be rich in cultural history and it would be a deep regret for your children as well of you for not to have introduced them to this genre and world when they were of young age. And its not only about Greek myths but also the very infamous stories that have captured the hearts of many at the young age such as Cinderella, King Arthur, the boy who cried wolf, superman and other as such foundational stories. These foundational stories should start from you and these are the books that your children will remember for the rest of their lives no matter how old they grow to be.


Books that you’ve read when you were a child:

The last kind of book that you should introduce to your child is the one that you have read as when you were a child. The moment of you reading out to your child will probably be the best and most emotional felling of your life recalling how your parents once read it for you. The joy reading it with now your child will only give you nothing else but pure satisfaction yet of course. 

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