4 Symptoms of being overqualified for work

4 Symptoms of being overqualified for work are of the following:


The first symptom that will allow you to know that you are overqualified for your work is that boredom shall embrace you often. Boredom will not allow you to be flexible in your work since you aren’t being challenged, aren’t accepting your duties to the fullest because you aren’t engaged in your work will lead you to the reality that not only you are overqualified for this job but also it may be the inappropriate job regime for you. You must know the answer to your boredom, but before knowing the answer ask yourself what is boring you and why. If you are doing your job without a glitch and even can do It blindfold we must tell you that this job may be taking the most benefit out of you and since you are that capable you must extend your service someplace else where you are mentally and physically challenged in order to enjoy your job well and with satisfaction. But just because you do not enjoy your work and that makes you worn out doesn’t mean you are overqualified because you are not.


Not grasping anything new to learn:

The second symptom of being overqualified for work is not being able to learn anything new from your work place. You must keep in mind that you are being selected for your job and being appointed as an employee not because you know everything that needs to be known in the first place but because you have the will and determination to do it well in your own comfort zone. If you are appointed as an employee with no introductory lessons or any whatsoever training there is to be for your job then you must be aware you are certainly overqualified for the job. One thing to understand is that if your education is greater than your job requirements then you are certainly not appropriate for the job but doesn’t always be the same in every case.


In search for new tasks:

In search for new challenges and tasks that aren’t on your to do list as an employee and still able to do that despite finishing your own course of office work is another symptom.  This may question your thoughts as to why you need more and more irrelevant work that is not assigned for you to do in the first place by not only your fellow co workers but as well as by your boss. Because the lack of care your boss showing for you assignments to be finished shows that no one really cares as to who and where you were appointed.



Knowledge greater than your boss and performance better than your co workers:

These two symptoms can be merged under one roof as to understand the depth of this well by you. Being in an environment where everyone looks upon you rather than your boss because you know much more than his/her knowledge of your job’s work means that you are overqualified for the work because when you are in a state guiding and counseling everyone around you as to how to perform their duties certainly means you are being a better leader as to your boss. Your excellent job performance leaving others not only to see you as their helper means you are overqualified for the job.

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