Getting Rid of Shyness

Shyness is one of the serious personality problems that tends to encumber your way to personality development and scope of progress. It is a trait of character that tends to have a strong grip over your will power and stagnates all the channels of being expressive and as a consequence do not win you the attention and laurels which you deserve on the basis of the hidden and unexpressed talent. So why let some thing that can be whisked away overshadow your whole personality and hamper opportunities of development and opportunities in your social, private and professional sphere of life. Shyness tends to label you as apparently a weak personality; yet people who are shy and silent, have the ability of great observance and tend to retrospect things very profoundly and are actually wise and intelligent. So let’s not mistake the trait of shyness as a weak personality that is not capable of anything- though it is a factor that contributes to such growth by facilitating fear and hesitancy; which are the red signals for expansion. It is important to realize the significance of removing any such character flaw that facilitates the growth of an individuality that becomes highly sensitive and allows others to easily overpass you in every way.


Shyness has many factors that contribute words it’s emanation with its base tracing back to insecurity and environmental factors in domestic life. It is essential for parents to pay heed towards such weakness in their children and should attempt to make them confident through social interactions with other children, ensuring their active participation in academic and extra circular activities since childhood, discussing and encouraging them to speak out etc. All such factors lay down a strong edifice that tends to hone the personality with the tools of confidence and determination-which are the key factors of a strong personality. However; many people still are highly vulnerable to shyness even though such measures may have been taken because these are traits that can come into effect under changing circumstance to which even grownups at times and prone to being influenced by. Take baby steps and realise what makes you shy, practice talking before the mirror as if talking to an audience, increase your sphere of social activities, get yourself to be comfortable with having people and intermingling with them. Such measures tend to build character and acquaint you with exposure to all those things that make you shy away from being and expressing yourself.

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