Importance of self identity

When you tend to analyze yourself for the sake of an introspection regarding your personality, then it is very essential for you to know the importance of self identity. Who you are? What you are? Why are you like this? What can you be? What do you want to be? These are some of the queries that you must put before yourself and realize on what grounds you stand. All these questions tend to aim at a specific feature of your personality and put before you the facts about yourself in a realistic manner. When having a good assessment of self identity; factors such as the experiences of childhood, upbringing, environment, mental and social influences , academic environment, relationships, family origin, financial resources and many more factors tend to be the prime areas of focus, to actually know ‘ what’ you are. For any matter related to your personality or even regarding self improvement ; you have to have some sound material for justifications and determination of what your values are and what they ought to be. So it’s all about asking yourself the same questions as you ask others when you want to assess how well they are.


Self identity tends to play a crucial role in one’s life and is the basis of all those negative or positive personality traits which your may want to hone or shun. No one but you must first know where you stand and how much your limitation in every fields of life, though, habits and behavior is. Self identity is also one of the best ways to overcome flaws in ones character such as of a fake personality. This is whereby you are living a life of pretention in a manner that tends to emulate others and is a situation whereby your own individuality has no standing. In the wake of such personality upheavals you tend to be lost in the conundrum of what you really are and what status you have; which in a mixed and confused state makes no sense to you nor others whom you socialize with. Your development is stagnant because you are confined by nature to do what others do. By a profound insight into yourself identity you can ensure to overcome the weaknesses and lay down trait wish you wish to groom and nourish for a better and more forceful individuality which will become your identity amidst the thousand s of others.


Self identity is best possible when we tend to allow ourselves to be acknowledged and be experienced by others through habits and behaviors that are distinctive to you. The more you are able to identify yourself, the more the dimensions open up for you to know and root cause the factors that make you what you really are.

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