Positive Body Language Gestures

Actions speak louder than words and this rule is of grave importance when judging on the basis of personality and style traits. Knowing about the various ways in which you body language can bear impact upon your personality as perceived by others is imperative so that you know where to work on through your body language and gestures for a good social image. Another thing to bear in mind is that your body language tends to determine the discipline in your attitude and behavior, because people having a positive personality of grace , style and stance are more humble, cautious and disciplined while dealing and socializing; while those whose who have shortcoming, their body language betterment is another way to work on self improvement with results that are bound to have instant outcomes in your style.


• One of the most important things to remember while socializing is to have normal and friendly facial expressions. This is the first body language gesture that tends to make others want to indulge with you. Many people are seen to have a miserable, harsh and frustrated expression even without any reason. This trait of your behavior is an instant factor that will prove to be the greatest setback to your grace of individuality if it does not have a welcoming look.


• A smile only where required; is one of the greatest body language gestures that has instant ruling out of what others may think of you. A reasonable short smile in enough other than continuously smiling for no reason at all.


• Your posture is again one of the most essential things to worry about; as your stance is exhibits the grace of your personality; therefore you have to be vigilant of the way you stand and sit. Hunched backs, parted legs while standing, slumped shoulders and extra forward bending while sitting are some of the worst body language gestures that tarnish the very concept of appeal. Having erected and firm stance is the punch factor that gives your look the frame structure of presentation.


• A handshake is one of the most disciplined acts of body language which is a great cause of a good impression at work; especially. However, having softness yet firmness is the trick towards a good handshake; while a quick and hard one is not a good way to win over a good score through the handshake.


• Voice tone and frequency are some other factors that are a part and parcel of personality that determines how well groomed you are. A soft and medium tone are the best exhibitors of your class and therefore; whether your angry, happy, sad etc ensure to have a grip on the manner and volume you talk in. a harsh, loud and rude way is not a good body language feature.


• Seriousness and confidence in nature are some other factors that contribute towards a personality which inspires others instantly. Extra laughing, joking and non-serious attitude is not a trait of those who know how to make it matter for them.

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