reasons why men donít call back

Reasons why men don’t call back may be of the following reasons:

  1. You whined and complained a lot. Every little detail or talk of him was making you irritated and you started complaining about yourself as to what mattered to you and what didn’t matter to you. You nonstop complaining made him think that you weren’t right for him and that is why he didn’t call you back. Complaining included (how you and your parents didn’t go along, how you hated your roommate, how frustrating your job is).


  1. The second reason as to why men don’t call back is because his date felt like you were rude and didn’t behave as a lady alike. Your impatience got the best of you and now as we state “ the first impression is the last impression” makes him think that you aren’t right enough for him and that is why your habit of snapping ever so often and quickly made him not to call you back.


  1. Remember did you mention you were married before or you had any past relationship? Well if that is the case then that is reason why he didn’t call you back. Men do not like to hear you sob over how you were married or you had past relationships. Rather than that he likes to know more about you and wants to know what you have been up to you in your life apart from boys and marriage. So ladies next time if you head out for a date do not mention your past relationships until you haven’t been out with him a couple of times.


  1. You made yourself a fool by pretending to be someone you are not. Mostly dates are established through relations and you blew it completely by advertising yourself into someone you so badly wanted to impress and not being the person whom you truly are. Men do get a sight of what actually woman are made of and since you were already had been summarized into a small paragraph as to whom and how you are unfortunately people especially the gender of man doesn’t like to be fooled hey who would want to be?


  1. You bored him completely. Dates must be fun and they should be likewise on both sides of the table should be equally fun and enjoyable. Sadly you didn’t take this date too serious to begin with. Your lack of fun and enthusiasm made you lose a guy who was great and your serious mood scared him rather than bored him that is why one doesn’t feel like the need to call and tell you how bad you are at dates.


Hope all these reasons will be noted down for a next time when you head out for a date. Try to avoid being the person who you aren’t and begin this chapter with a new you.

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