Reasons why your cousins are your best friends

Reasons why your cousins are your best friends will help you understand how cousins are like your second best siblings. The first reason as to why your cousins are your best friends is that they know how to keep their limit between you and your privacy and they do not like to pry in your matter of affair. It is common that while your Uncle and Aunt are interrogating you and asking you about your dream goals, your current present job status, your reason of why not marrying and a lot of other questions your cousin will stay away as much as possible not daring to bring up that question as it is the cousin who tends to care about you and won’t poke his/her nose unless you do not want to talk about it.


This is what is ideal about cousins. You speak your heart out and spend as much time as possible with them but you feel no obligation to tell your personal matters unless you want to. It is quite possible that you fight with your friends and even though you don’t they might grow apart and distant from you and a day shall come by when you see them no more. But the qualities of cousins are that they never leave you behind no matter how far they might be. They are totally in with you in every matter till yours and theirs last breath. They are always going to be there for you whenever there is situations where you are tend to have awkward conversations as well as confrontations in your family gathering. So expect them to be with you as cousins never abandon you no matter what. 


There is absolute no awkward silences when ever cousins hang together. Ever have you faced a long silence awkward situation when you are with an acquaintance and are on the road trip? Pretty awkwardly weird right, well you must not worry about that if you and your cousin are hanging out together for a long time as either you may talk less or as much as you want to but you won’t have to face the dullness and silence. You can be you and no one else when your cousin is around. There is literally no social pressure upon you of how to behave like a proper gentleman/lady  with your cousin as you can easily show your true colors and trust me no one will judge you. You can easily eat as much as you want, ignore the makeup on you, leave your hair to be a mess and trust me not once you are going to be judged for your actions. As cousins want is that your presence matters that is all.


Reasons why your cousins are your best friends is that you and your cousins share the common inside jokes. Yeah, as if you think that you must be the only one noticed Granny’s funny mole or Uncle’s weird snoring habits at night, perhaps you may be out of your brain when I come to tell you that who knows your cousin might be the first one to think of that also. The sooner you become close the much sooner you will be cranking up and laughing your heads off over these typical discussions on which you thought you were the only one to know about. Your common knowledge, observations and jokes will what make you and your cousin best friends. Family gatherings can become boring. So it is important for you to know that it is actually your cousin who makes the company enjoyable. Like it or not without your cousin who knows you listening to Granny’s same old story for the 50th time might have made you bored and worn out. Your cousin is the life anchor to your boredom and will do not matter what to save you from desperation of getting out as soon as possible.


Cousins certainly know your embarrassing moments, those moments where you find it hard to tell it to anyone around you. Cousins are the only ones who you feel comfortable in telling what happened where and all you and your cousin at the end of the day would be laughing without a single amount of regret. This reason is termed to be the most important out of all as to why your cousin are termed as your best friend. AS we all know how inconsistent we are in meeting with our cousins. It is perhaps the gift of adulthood. But despite this gift and ongoing chemistry with our cousin is what we enjoy so there is no way absolutely that we are to run out of talk when we meet our cousins. Our past silly adventures and our enjoyable present is all what we have to discuss with them. Cousins are the best example to teach you the respect and equality of the opposite gender. We can dearly come to the fact to acknowledge that the opposite gender’s respect makes a simple normal human a powerful man in the end of the day. You know that moment when you are at a family party and you and the other young people are at one table, and the older people are at another? Of course you do.


During those moments, there’s always one cousin who turns to you, points at the other table, and says, “wow, that’s going to be us in twenty years!” It’s at that point that you realize how intertwined your futures are. To me at least, that’s a pretty cool thing to think about. In the end we would like to say that cousins are worth keeping close as you would do with your family. After all they are truly your family and they would be the ones you can rely with your life when the time comes when you need them by your side.

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