Signs of knowing your husband is of marriage material

Signs of knowing your husband is of marriage material will help you decide whether the guy you are dating currently is the “one” for you as your husband. The first sign of knowing is if your partner attends the first classes of yoga with you. Yoga isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and who would know better than you attending yoga from like forever. Now your partner may suck at doing yoga because he isn’t aware of the poses and may be collapsing after every 2 minutes because it certainly isn’t his cup of tea.


Although your partner doesn’t know how to do yoga but comes with you just for the sake of you ladies he definitely is marriage material. Many guys are known to be allergic to cats and they fear of having a relationship with a lady who owns cat. But If your partner shows affection and care to your cats despite of not wanting to without the need of complaining he definitely is the one you should get married to. Guys might not like cats and often they show love towards them. It might be an exception in your case because your partner loves you this much that he is agreeing to marry you in the first place despite knowing you are a cat lady. Your partner ticking off the things in the bucket list by taking you out and attempting wild crazy things with you is one of the man you shouldn’t waste any more time in dating and marry at one.


No one likes to do wild crazy stuff on a bucket list which makes them uneasy and uncomfortable but if your partner is willing to do all that for you and with you well he definitely strike as a man who is of marriage material. A guy who sings for you and writes a song for you especially when he takes you for a special homemade candle light dinner that has been cooked by him is definitely marriage material. His special written song will not be only a reflection of his sincerity and loyalty to you but apart from that the guy who doesn’t like cooking but cooks for the dame who he is in love with should definitely be the one whom you should marry and no longer keep him in the waiting zone. Not only he likes you but loves with your choice of music and listens and memorizes the lyrics and hums in front of you.


Signs of knowing your husband is of marriage material are when your partner assists you to visit your grandfather and gets along quite well. Although knowing your grandfather than he has told that one particular story like a thousand time still your partner listens to him as if he were to listen it the first time will make you undoubtedly without a glitch that your partner is the one you should be entitled with for the rest of your life.

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