Signs you are dating a man not a boy

Signs you are dating a man not a boy will help you a lot in figuring out whom you are dating actually. The first sign is your partner is more than the eye can meet. He will definitely pursue his dreams/goals and motivate himself to that extent. It is actually all about the future plans. If we compare a guy who is working at McDonalds we shouldn’t label him as nothing but a lazy man. Perhaps he isn’t planning to stay there working and is actually working part time and studying in the free time. Now that is a sign of a man. Whoever plans to stay working at McDonalds because it’s an easy thing to do and doesn’t feel like working anyplace else is considered as a boy and nothing else.


Grown up men know their guidelines of what they are going to do step by step so that they can reach from a certain point to the highest point and their motivation about it speaks all truth and nothing but the truth. He treats his body as a powerful temple and his mind and thought as the most eligible priest with high end knowledge. He likes to live by his own set of rules with no one hovering him telling him what to do. He has his own set of theories and ideas that he likes to keep at with. He is well aware of the fact that in order to feel good and refreshed it is important that you feel healthy. He is a proper machine that not only maintains him mentally at all times but also physically. He isn’t bothered by anything else around him when he sees you and makes you the most perishable human being. Neither he distracts himself if his favorite sport is being shown on TV or his favorite music is playing on the radio. He likes to make you the queen and wants you to feel special. If any man treats you that way we are telling you right now do not screw it up ladies he is definitely a keeper. In order to know you are dating a man a real man that is and not some boy who are lost in life and have no sense of what should be his priorities as well as responsibility.


Men tend to have not only direction but their priorities are straight and laid down on the table for everyone to see. You have certainly attained a winner if you know a man who knows exactly what he wants from his life and is ready to give the attention and care to you along with his list of priorities and is ready to share. Not only these are considered to be real men but they are also considered to be successful men. Real men do not live in zoo’s or frat homes or anything that looks unorganized and is very much comparable to a garbage dump. Men like to keep an actual apartment where although it may be not highly furnished like a proper home but it doesn’t lack the qualities of what you want to see in a home and is up to your expectation. Apart from boys who have everything laying around in their rooms men do not take sense of pride when it comes to their own apartment. Not only they are willing to maintain the look and appeal of their living space but also enjoy the most out of it by keeping it healthy, clean and active so that it doesn’t impact badly on their lifestyle. If you sense that although he does own his own space but isn’t too much fancy on keeping it maintained then that lazy man won’t know any definition of keeping  uphold of any kind of responsibility.


Signs you are dating a man not a boy is the affection and love he shows to you and displays to you rather than just merely by saying it aloud so not only you believe in him he believes in himself too. Not only you are his partner but he should make you believe that one day you are going to be a part of his life for real and will be an extension to his soul. Without you he would be incomplete. Real men show how much he is willing to do in order to be near you even closer than before and how his words run short of what he feels for you. No matter how messed up his life is, no matter how much emotional he is if he can handle himself like a grown man he is a keeper.


If you are dating someone whom you have to put on a leash and know you are the one handling him after something he messes up well we know you aren’t actually dating a man you are actually dating a guy. And we know how well would that go. A man never complains about his problems and at least he won’t ever complain his problems in front of you. Complaining is for the boys who can’t have the will and power to get things done and require results but just sits there like a baby and cries till you come and comfort him making him believe that he is going to get things done and in the back you are actually doing it for him. Not only he fulfills his own dreams but also comes for yours and helps you work on it. A real man will support whatever your dream goals are to be true in all meaning. And not only will he make you accomplish he will never let his guard down knowing that you want that more than anything to happen. Words like can’t and won’t are for baby boys. Real men get things done as we have explained above.

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