Signs you are hating yourself

Signs you are hating yourself will help you identify whether or not you love yourself or hate yourself. The first sign of hating yourself is that if someone is giving his/her time to give you constructive criticism that will actually help you for the better and you afterwards work on it really hard so that you can make yourself a better man. But what if that constructive criticism turns into self criticism? When you start taking that constructive criticism into self criticism and continuously criticize yourself this will absolutely not only kills your confidence within you but also kill your self-esteem in which you will be never able to succeed.


This is a major sign in knowing that you hate yourself even after a genuine compliment may mean nothing to you because you are so self absorbed in hating yourself and criticizing your own flaws over and over. The next sign about hating yourself is you need to have the self assurance when you take a decision you have the determination of standing by it no matter what. You are a human being and everyone tends to make mistakes. In the same way you are bound to make bad decisions but let it not be what pulls you down by not allowing yourself to give a chance of taking a decision as all decision making cannot be wrong. Regretting your decisions will make you vulnerable to humiliation and guilt afterwards so we emphasize that you must not let a bad decision get to you. Once you have taken the decision let it go by on its natural course.


Signs you are hating yourself also guides you for not taking the blame on each and everything that has happened bad with you or any event that has turned into a tragedy is because of you. The blame game should stop immediately as this guilt is harmful and you hating yourself on everything you consider yourself responsible when a bad turn takes in is going to ruin your self confidence and shatter your personality, who knows one may opt for suicide in between which we highly discourage. When you hate yourself you tend to start killing your dreams which is another important sign to look out for. In the end it is you who suffers and when your aspirations and dreams are murdered by your own hands you have no interest in loving yourself. So not fulfilling your dreams is definitely one habit one should avoid at all cost and live your life so that you can enjoy your life and work towards your goal.


You are definitely worth every inch and ounce of happiness and goodness. By not believing that you are proving to the world of how much you hate yourself. Believe you will deserve happiness because goodness comes out from you and no one else. Pushing every good and happy moments and things away from life is a sin itself and one should refrain from doing that as a dull life with no joy and goodness is severely disturbing for the human itself.

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