smartest things to do before bed

Smartest things to do before bed are very important for one’s sake. You can make a list of things or resolutions you have to fulfill for tomorrow or the next day. If you make a habit of making a list you will end up doing the things and completing your task. It is important that you prepare a to do list before going to bed. By religiously following this habit you can avoid unnecessary disturbance and interruptions for your next day because you will already have a clue that you have the following chores to complete.


This will not only help you to get a good night sleep but it will also save you from any big incidents in which you won’t have to face any guilt or humiliation later on. The list can be compiled on different  stances and categories for instance the following next day you are going to meet, remembering some memo, file out some questions and already prepared answers and etc. before going to sleep it is essential that you take out time and focus and reflect on what you have been up to the whole day and how your day went. It is essential that you take all your focus and without any disturbance in the way seek out every little detail within your day’s happening. It is important that you congratulate yourself on your success if attained and achieved any and also not only forgive yourself but ask for forgiveness from the other person if you have committed any kind of mistake that you think needs redemption.


Take out a important moment and teach yourself a lesson. It is important that you keep this lesson in mind and try to let go of any negative kind of energy that needs not to be filled in your heart anymore. A smartest thing to do amongst other things before going to bed is also establishing a lifestyle and a proper routine. It is important that you establish a simple functioning routine that helps you achieve small individual task all by yourself. For example what you want to wear or where you want to go is amongst simple tasks.


Why the importance of routine and the need to make decisions all by yourself it is because it will help you save a lot of time and instead of wasting time you can do actually something good out of it. Before going to bed you can also prepare what you want to wear one day before and this can be done before going to bed. Instead of choosing what to wear in the morning and being late for work, school or even for an event you can lay down your attire one day before and in this way you will be up on time ready before being too late.It is all about with starting with small things that grow onto being big and important. Smart people and successful people do not start from the top they start from the bottom and reach for the top.

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