Things to avoid before going to bed

Things to avoid before going to bed are going to stop any kind of discomfort and interruptions in your sleep. The first thing to avoid before going to bed is avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol may sound like the kind of drink that can help you put you in good sleep but let us tell you that is an outdated myth that has no truth or physical evidence. Now you all may be thinking that alcohol does certainly help you sleep well yes it certainly does but although you may fall asleep while drinking alcohol but your level of discomfort from it may increase ten times more. So the more you think that alcohol will relieve you from any type of interruptions from sleep let us remind you that the quality of sleep that you are in search of will be greatly affected by this and will be reduced by a heavy amount which in the end will cause you to stay awake. Another thing to avoid before going to bed is going to sleep while the television is being played and switched on. Although you may think that television is going to put you to a good night sleep you are badly mistaken. Some people like to take television as a helper to help them to go to sleep while others like to keep on their television as a night light.


In both ways television shouldn’t be switched on while you are heading towards sleep. Even though you are sleepy you shouldn’t use television as an object since it will only help your brain to function all the time while the television is on so in simple words your brain will keep working on processing that television activities. When is this true? This is to be true for all cases but we have seen a high number of the same results when one is tuned onto some action show or news channel. Eating carbohydrates should be avoided before going to sleep and heading to bed. One may find high level of discomfort if they are planning to have a late night quick munch of pasta or opting to have a bowl of cereal. Why discomfort of food in such pleasurable foods? The answer is simple it is due to the high rich contents of carbohydrates that are present in those foods that elevates your sugar level that only stimulates your body to function even more unnecessarily when you are just about to go to sleep.


That boost of energy can be substituted in the day timings when you are in dire need of energy while working with all your mighty strength and struggling in your routine of hectic work. Well we have discussed this point in one of our another article where we have founded that this can help your brain to relax as well as cleanse itself from the stress and help you sleep. But at times this activity can be distracting you from your sleep and may be keeping you up all night. We are talking about none other than reading. At times reading does help you sleep but there are plenty of people who are so into a story and are fascinated by it that they keep themselves in an awkward position of not letting them relax rather than they keep themselves indulged in reading ( keeping their brain working and processing information) by the promise of one more page that leads to plenty more. This one more page may be the cause of them keeping them awake till late night hours and not helping them to get proper sleep. As reading can be a remedy it can also be a painful distraction and can cause one dark eye bags and bad headaches in the morning. So it is suggested to keep a balance of reading and if not then you must avoid reading before bed and keep some other timing for it.


Things to avoid before going to bed also include hard physical workouts that may cause painful interruptions while you are just about to sleep. Yes working out certainly helps you to sleep more deeper since all of your muscles have been working out so it is important that never to exercise right before you go to bed. Always keep an interval of 4 hours before you go to bed since all of your muscles are tired from the workout and your body temperature has risen making it very difficult for your mind as well as body to focus to relax because your heart rate has elevated. After 4 hours of once you have exercise you can go to sleep without letting any interruptions be in your way. Keeping pets with you while you sleep can be enjoying and fun but remember pets always takes up ones space and they tend to find the perfect spot for themselves so that they can sleep in peace. Their movement or yours may either wake one of you which can be a problem. Another thing to avoid before going to bed are hot showers.


As we have mentioned to avoid exercise before going to bed try to avoid any kind of hot baths and showers just before you are to go into bed. You can certainly take a nice hot bath some time before you are planning to go to sleep. The temperature may rise in your body causing you to sweat or cause any discomfort while you sleep so it is very important that you rest your body to cool down its temperature so that you may enjoy a nice quiet sleep. Not all of you may know but this thing should be understood clearly by all that to turn and avoid all devices if you are going to bed. Digital alarm clocks, cell phones, even computers and other devices emits blue light (short wave) which replicates the sunlight signaling human brain to be awake. Try to avoid any kind of device before you go to bed since this will only be in your way and should be avoided. Use your cell phone and attend to it if you must otherwise do not any ignore it. 

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