Things to do before you turn 16

Things to do before you turn 16 are a must to do because you turn only once 16 in your life so why not to make the most out of it. The first thing to do is go to a nearest pond where there are lots and lots of fishes. So why not make fish friends by feeding them their favorite fish food? Relax under the sun and talk to your fishes. This idea may not seem a fit one to implicate upon but trust us when we tell you feeding an animal be that a fish is the best feeling one can get. Once you have made fish friends it’s time to catch one and eat one. It isn’t important that you eat the same kind of fish. Be sure to know what you like feasting upon.


And once you have decided it’s time you go on a sail with your old man and take a trip down to the sea. You can learn fishing from your dad or brother and catch one yourself. The sea is filled with different kind of delicacies that leave you wondering when you are going to get enough of it because you can never empty a sea. Learn to a fly a kite before you turn 16. Make sure you fly one with someone looking out for you since trying to fly one is like flying an airplane without zero knowledge. So make sure you have someone without you who knows how to teach you and make sure you chose you kite flying day on a windy day. The better the wind the more your kite shall soar in the skies. Lay down on your roof or on a beach on a clear night. Star gazing shouldn’t be left behind when you turn 16. Put on some light music to entertain your mood. There are many incredible apps on your phone that helps you understand about different constellations of star that you can get yourself familiar of.


Things to do before you turn 16 also include having to ride on a horse. Although it may sound scary but it can be quite fun once you get the hang of it. Once the horse knows it rider and you know your horse you can take your horse on long rides. Camping is another essential item that should be done at least once before you turn 16. Camping can be done with family or friends, the fun are equal. Camp fire and scary stories shall be exciting and fun. And who says you have to go someplace else, if you have the camping gear and a back yard you can go camping in your back yard even call you friends and have a night out.  Planting a tree is the most beautiful thing that you can do that is also thoughtful before you turn 16. Taking care of it will only put you in good shoes and one day who knows you will  be telling you grandchildren about that tree that was once a plant you planted yourself.

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