Things to do if you are fired

Things to do if you are fired is to analyze your situation and not to panic. Being professional you need to analyze where you are and now that if you were fired what were the reasons of your dismissal in the first place. This is very important since this analysis will help you not to repeat the mistake again. Do not start blaming everyone around you for they are the reason for your fire and they do not understand what you are going through as this will push everyone around you away despite of them helping to be with you in the first place. You need to know the reason of your termination and dig out every documented paper on that institute whether they have a right to terminate you without any reason (if they did in the first place).


If you were fired without any reason then it’s time to put up a meeting with the board and present your case with termination paper as well the clause of the documented paper in the bi-laws where it is stated you cannot be terminated without an excuse. This comes around with the justification of you not signing the termination/dismissal papers at the spot. This is the best thing to do if you get fired. You must ask for some time to know all the reasons as we discussed about before you step into the termination. Ask a professional or two and know that no one will care about you or your termination more than you. Another thing that you can do is to share your problems and explain what you are going through to a close friend or family. We suggest that do not by all means post what you ever may be going through online as words spread over the internet and you by the end of the day may be a laughing stock all around your co workers (ex). So if is best that you share your feelings, tell someone how you got terminated to someone who is working there and you trust dearly and isn’t just another pretty face but a pretty soul. Who knows that they might help you restore your job?


Things to do if you are fired is to take some time out and figure where you want to be now and what you have to do getting back being employed. You can send a thank you letter through post/mail or say thank you to your entire co worker staff when fired so that everyone knows who the bigger person is. Now it’s time to focus on what you want to be, do u still want to work on what you were working as previously or do you want to pursue your dream job. No one knows it better than you do so it’s time that you put everything behind and start with a fresh path of goals and yes let’s not forget it’s time to update your resum.

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