Types of lies people tell

5 Types of lies people tell are of the following:

Broken promises:

The first type of lie people tell are called as broken promises. Broken promises are known to be the failure of keeping one’s commitment to a spoken promise. These type of lies can be extremely devastating and affective when the person doesn’t deliver his/her promise since it wasn’t there to be kept and uphold to in the first place. Not only you crush the expectations that are floating above in heavens for the next person but you fail to avoid of rejecting the idea from the start creating and causing it to lead further on.


Compulsive lying:

The second type of lie is known to be as compulsive lying. This type of lie is oftenly created/caused by the desperate urge of attention following with a lack of self respect and esteem. The liar does not at all stop for a second and has the guts to keep lying on about it. A compulsive liar is known to lie about the mistruths rather than the ugly bitter truth that is much easier to know and understand. Its only but a tragedy to be caught up in his lies even after knowing that the liar is lying and has no intention of speaking about the truth.


Lies of deception:

The third type of lie is known by lying through the art of deception. Others are misled by the false impression that is created by the deceiver who is not explaining all the truth and facts. Causing such kind of deception is not only harmful for the other innocent people but it is considered to be a powerful tool that is although very subtle by the looks of it but it is very deadly if poked into one’s mind with a single blow.

Lies of fabrication:

Fabricating a lie is fourth type of lie people are known to tell. Fabricating something up and then telling others with the uncertainty is a human’s next best toy. Someone’s reputation may be on the line with this kind of lie since fabricating a lie is very harmful which can lead to numerous rumors that have no truth in the first place.


White lies:

The next type of lie is called the infamous white lies that are known be the most easy going lies out of all type of lies. In order to be tactful and polite people take the power of using white lie as an instrument for example avoiding to not go for a party or showing an appreciation for something that didn’t amuse you in the first place. Telling white lies once or twice isn’t something that one should worry, it’s the continuous repetition of using white lies a a tool to get away the very problem itself as it can be a source to create disputes with others with the passage of time and loosing the faith in you causing extreme mistrust and insincerity causing the white liars to drown all their credibility in sham

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