Types of Personalities

Variety is the spice of life and this notion does not merely apply to fashion only but also on the types of personalities which people tend to have. It is basically this feature of your character that dominates and determines your level of appeal and standing in a society on the grounds of success and style appeal. The difference between the types of personalities is the edifice which accounts why some have a classy edge over others and are more inspirational. The celebrities for example have the types of personalities which are replete with confidence, grace of carriage and attitude and determination which; rank them as toppers.


There are many types of personalities ranging from the very strong and decisive to the very hesitant and fearful ones. Every type tends to account for the diverse types of attitudes and behaviors we have in the the social order. So it becomes essential to highlight and put forth before the masses the trait of the different types of personalities that are there so that they can for themselves determine what they want to be and how they want to be known. Successful and dominant types who are decisive, determined always enjoy a sense of superiority on account of their focused and organized plan of action and behavior in a judicious and well executed manner in adverse and happy situations of life. They tend to remain focused more on themselves and the ways to make them reach heights of success. Aiming at independence in every way is their motto and they are the top sources of inspiration and know how to make success dance on their doorstep. Hesitant and shy types of personalities are of those people who exercise contradictory attitudes and behavior than that of those mentioned above and are very inexpressive. They are not as competitive and confident in public attitude yet can be highly genius but due to shyness and nervousness of their character; tend to be reluctant to make their voice be heard. In having such a setback; such types of personalities are bound to be influenced and intimidated by those who exercise a more powerful display of attitude and style. This flaw can also account for their limited circle of friends and social activity.


Inquisitive types of personalities are another slot of some interesting characters who tend to scrutinize everything very minutely and introspect everything about themselves and always focus on self improvement self improvement and exhibit excellence in fields of work. Such people are very opportunist and can have traits to strive when the iron’s hot for gains; which can be in nature of simply adhering to their own concern and independent sphere of influence. These types of people are highly successful because they have a well controlled and sagacious thinking and actions; which makes them less prone to making mistakes. The distressed types of personalities have the weakest types of attitudes found in the society. Less likely to contribute towards anything they are bound to their sphere of life, are boring, have low confidence and pursue no such goals of prosperity in life.

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