Ways to de-stress

Ways to de-stress is to enjoy life completely. The first way in doing that is to remember the best moments of your life. Once recalled embrace the feeling you had during those best moments whether it was comfort, joy or love. Relive those emotions and exhale any kind of negative vibe that has been bothering you. This will improve not only your mind but the stress on you physically shall be released and reduced at a great extent. Try to focus on your breathing patterns. It is important that when you are stressed out you must take ten breaths for 5 seconds while inhaling. Once inhaled for 5 seconds exhale slowly taking your time that can be up to 6 seconds top. Feel every ounce of breath being released. This is letting go not only of your breath but also letting go of any kind of stress that has made you worn out and tired.


Another way to reduce stress is by going outside.  It is known that just by going out and taking in some fresh new air can help reduce stress and aid in relaxation to body and mind. When the weather is perfect to go outside pamper yourself and have a lunch outside. Enjoy your company with friends or you can go to a park and eat your sandwich there. If you own a pet you can take him/her out for a walk keeping in mind that you aren’t exposing your pet to summer scorching sun. You can also go out for a job on a nice day. The miracle your body does as well as mind when connected with natures is unbelievable. Another way to reduce stress is to look closely and observe bright vibrant colors. Vibrant colors can have a huge impact on our body and the chemistry between colors and our body how they interact is amazing when it helps in the reduction of stress.


Ways to de-stress is going to lift a tremendous amount of burden of your shoulder if implemented in the right direction.Another great stress reducer that helps to de-stress is drinking herbal tea. You can drink valerian, skullcap, lemon balm, or catnip herbal tea. If you do not like the taste of these above mentioned teas then you can either drink black tea or green tea ( which everybody loves to drink). Spending time around animals is a relaxing and therapeutic way to reduce blood sugar and de-stress after a long day. Another way to de-stress is by turning on the radio, music player or iPod whichever is convenient for you when getting up and being ready in the morning hours.


Plug your headphones into your ears and listen while you get ready for work, school or any other activity that you have lined up for that day. Slower songs help to de-stress you and helps you keeping moving on. A rocking chair has also claimed its spot in being a great stress reducer. Just by the movement of swaying back and forth it is able to diagnose that people have had less stress when they are swaying on a rocking chair.

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