Worst food to eat before going to sleep

Worst food to eat before going to sleep will tell you what to avoid before you head to sleep. The first food to avoid before head to bed is everyone’s favorite ice cream. Although ice cream is may be known as one of the most comforting food for everyone as it helps with depression a lot but let us tell you that ice cream is one food item that everyone should avoid before going to bed. Now the main question is how something so good like ice cream can be so bad especially when one is going to sleep. The main content to understand is that ice cream is enriched with fat which is digested at a very slow rate, the digesting properties of the fat in ice cream makes it harder for one to dissolve into nutrients and enzymes by the end of the night.


As well as when we talk about fat in ice cream let us tell you that ice cream is also loaded with sugar so the sugar property also keeps one up. The results are completely different although the taste is somewhat for every human very soothing and comforting. The second food that one must avoid at all times before going to bed is alcohol. Now you may have heard an old infamous myth that this ingredient helps you comfort while sleeping but let us refresh your memory that you may feel drowsy, lazy as well as lethargic but there is no such evidence and physical proof that alcohol helps you sleep better. Alcohol only helps your sleep to be little less refreshing and revitalizing. Dehydration can also be caused by alcohol that helps in the reduction of the restorative functions of your sleep and may only in discomfort while you are asleep.


The negative symptom of alcohol is that once you are asleep from it (it you have been drinking before heading to sleep) and then in the middle of the night you are awaken there are less chances you will go back to sleep and will stay awake and who knows till when you are awake it may be till the early hours of the morning. Alcohol not only deprives you of your sleep but it also forms big black eye bags under your eyes. If you have a constant habit of drinking alcohol before going to bed we strongly advise you to avoid it since constant drinking may help you suffer for long terms of insomnia. The next food that you should avoid is red meat. Due to its properties i.e. red meat containing proteins and fats, these properties take too much time in being digested properly and by eating it at night before going to bed may not be the wise solution and advice for you. You may suffer cramping, tummy aches or even discomfort and this may be due to your body being constantly busy in breaking down the red meat the whole night. In order to make sure your body gets full rest as well as you are without suffering any kind of discomfort eat something else than red meat. You can thoroughly enjoy red meat in day time and leave any other kind of food for the night that can be taken as food for night.


The next food item that should be avoided before going to sleep and is considered as a worst food item is pasta. Pasta is definitely not considered the best choice to appeal your appetite and night time craving for snack before going to bed. It is studied and revealed that pasta is the kind of food item that is rich with calorie-dense carbohydrates. Pasta is one food item that sure likes to get onto your waist and cling onto it ( if you know what we mean). This calorie food item should and certainly can be taken at day timings and a little exercise still after once it’s taken won’t do any harm for your body or you.  Candy bars as tempting and delicious they seem to be are in fact one of the worst things to eat before going to sleep. A research was held and it was founded that out of 10 people 7 who took candy bars before going to sleep were the ones who use to have more nightmares than the rest of the people who avoided candy bars. Nightmare brain waves are produced to due the high content of sugar present in candy bars. Celery as healthy as it can be surprisingly should be avoided and ditched at night time dinners. If you are aiming for an uninterrupted sleep well then certainly you must remove any kind of dish at night that has celery in it. The question is as healthy as it is why to avoid celery. Good question the answer is celery is known to be a natural diuretic that means it speeds up the rate of the urination causing one to go again and again to urinate that interrupts the duration of the sleep and one has to run to the washroom.


Diuretics push the water through the system making one to urinate more than often. So if you want to avoid taking runs to the washroom at night we suggest you do not eat celery by all terms at night. Chips before going to sleep as yummy and tempting it may feel like and sound like should be ignored and erased from your mind. Not only it disturbs your sleep patterns but also may give you extra pounds (unwanted). Instead of opting for chips you can replace and substitute them for red bell peppers and carrots. We hope that from now on you do certainly ignore these food items before going to bed and try to eat something else. We all love a good night sleep and something coming up in between sleep and you is something we won’t like so happy sleeping folks. 

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